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So today I was sitting on the corridor in school and heard this conversation:

"Yeah so aoife said she was coming to mine cause I had to babysit me brother but then my ma didn’t go out so I text ‘er asking if she wanted to go town but she texts back saying ‘Ahh sorry I forgot I told Sharon I’d go shopping with her she said she needed to talk’ but I knew they were gonna talk about me cut I had a fight with Sharon and on Facebook she had a status saying how some people are so selfish den I saw aoife with a status about how she is so bored doing the same thing always. So after that I put up a status about how people are so two faced are. Den aoife calls asking if it’s about her but I said no its about Sharon den Sharon calls and asks if it’s about her and I told her it was about aoife den I have the two on my feck in door tell in me I’m the two faced one so I told den it wasn’t about either and they called me a liar and we’re shouting at me tellin me not to put our business on Facebook bleedin does I sware"

I think the moral of this story is if you want to bitch and moan don’t use Facebook. Get a tumblr and don’t tell anyone you have it. Say what you want and people agree.

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